This summer our Produce Manager, Lexi Coburn, and our Social Media Manager, Jasmine Edwards, made a visit to of one of our most valuable sources for produce - Forever Yong Farm. Time Market has been featuring Forever Yong's produce both on the menu and for sale in the retail produce area for about 5 years. Creative inspiration in the culinary world is spurred by high-quality ingredients, and for this reason Forever Yong has been an important influence. The products they are able to deliver are pristine, full of flavor and are clearly grown with beautiful intentions that are backed by tight methodologies. Here are some of the photos and quotes from their visit: 

From Lexi Coburn: "Forever Yong Farm is run by a couple, John and Yong, who moved to the Sonoran Desert from Chicago over 20 years ago. Unlike larger farming operations I have toured, Forever Yong Farm is more of the typical family farm that I remember working on as a teenager: Hand built green houses, raised beds, small tractor tilled farm beds, and a few workers, but mainly the owners out there in the dirt. Their 20 acres sits in a small valley about 10 miles from the Mexican border. It was once orchards and still a few fruit trees remain. I've been working with John for years through various retail outlets, so it was great to finally see how and where he is bringing in all his vegetables. We've been very fortunate to source Forever Yong here at Time Market; they only work with a few retail venues here in Tucson, keeping their production relatively low so they can provide quality produce. Their prices are more than fair and we both share the belief that quality produce should be affordable to everyone. Some of the items we source from them include (but are not limited to): bok choy, green cabbage, kincho melon, garlic scapes, garlic, radishes, chard, collards, kale, bunched beets, and leeks."

From Jasmine: "Lexi is always doing her best to source produce locally for Time Market, and we are lucky enough in Tucson to have some great farmers nearby. In our recent visit, John at Forever Yong showed us around their 20 acres: three green houses, rows and rows of garlic, a fenced in vegetable patch, and stellar visions of lush green trees atop rolling hills. From their six acres of farmed land we saw where the produce they bring us comes from; the green garlic, curly kale, chard, radishes, all loved and nurtured and guarded by the trusty farm cat. Each year they invite people in the community to join them in the garlic harvest. We joined them this year along with people from neighboring farms, their sons, friends, and some students visiting from the East Coast. We harvested, bunched, tied, and hung thousands of bulbs. We took turns alternating between joining John harvesting in the field and bundling and hanging with Yong. Once we finished, Yong had prepared us an incredible lunch and we all dined under a pistachio tree. It was such a privilege to experience this magical place Yong and John have created. How fortunate we are to carry the fruits of their labor here at Time Market."