Warning: the following content may ruin your relationship with the ubiquitous dyed red cocktail cherry. 

Luxardo's Original Maraschino Cherries come from the Veneto region of Italy where the sixth generation Luxardo family grows Marasca Cherry trees. The same family harvests the sour cherries and then candies them in nothing more than a thick syrup of their own pressed juices and cane sugar. There are no additional thickening agents, no preservatives or artificial colors...just the classic alchemy of ripeness, care, sugar, and time. The Luxardo family began making liquors from cherries in coastal Croatia in 1820 and they were renowned for it internationally. In World War II Giorgio Luxardo fled his homeland's invasion. The sole survivor of his family, he traveled across the Adriatic Sea to Northern Italy with a sapling. There he was able to continue growing in similarly sandy soils off the coast of Venice and began to revive his family's legacy. The candied cherries have been produced there since (along with the liquors). We could suggest a number of ways to use these...ice cream, cocktails, chocolate cake...out of the jar.