Your chocolate shelves at Time Market have welcomed a few more renowned players to the mix. Here's a brief introduction...



 Ritual is a small batch producer in Park City, Utah. They pride themselves on creating an exceptional chocolate bar experience that celebrates the complexities of cocoa beans. All the offerings we carry are 75% dark chocolate. The flavors of each Ritual bar vary according to origin of the cocoa beans, and tasting notes are written on the back of the packaging.

BELIZE // dried fig, cherry, tobacco

MADAGASCAR // raspberry, citrus, peanut

PERU // floral, toasted peanut, stone fruit



For dark chocolate lovers, Bixby is a 'candy bar' game changer. Flavors range from classics like peanut butter to novelties like black pepper and blueberry. From Rockland, Maine these chocolatiers were a 2016 Good Food Award winner for their Nutty For You bar.

NUTTY FOR YOU // Crunchy peanut butter, Maine sea salt

WHIPPERSNAPPER // Maine blueberries, walnuts, black pepper

BIRDIE // Hazelnuts, currants, Maine sea salt



Videri is cranking out some fantastic chocolate in Raleigh, North Carolina (you can watch videos of their process here). We've just brought in three of their bars, two 70% bars and one 50%. The 70% Classic Dark is gluten, dairy and nut free. This dark chocolate gets elevated to a perfect balance of sweet and salty in their most popular bar, 70% Dark with Sea Salt. Made with organic whole milk the 55% Dark Milk Chocolate is a well-rounded crowd pleaser that satisfies both dark and milk chocolate lovers...and therefore makes a great gift.





Winner of multiple international chocolate awards, Palette de Bine comes from Mont-Tremblant, Québec. These small batch roasters work to elicit the fullest expression of each bean, and nothing else. We are currently offering three bars; 70%  Bolivie, 72% Vietnam, and a 75%  Republique Domninicaine. These are notable for their smooth and silky flavors play out in a terrific mouthfeel.