Believed to originate in Southeast Asia, the Jackfruit is an oblong fruit with a rough bumpy green exterior and soft pale yellow edible bulbs inside. These tropical fruits vary in size and some have been known to weigh in at 80lbs. When ripe the Jackfruit skin will begin to turn a light brown color and become extremely aromatic, carrying a sweet and fruity scent. When sliced a milky juice will emerge. It is recommended to oil your knife for a smoother breakdown of the fruit as the juice tends to be sticky. The seeds inside the Jackfruit are composed mainly of starch and protein, and can be eaten like chestnuts or boiled like potatoes. A noteworthy super food, the edible bulbs are fibrous and rich in nutrients such as B-6 vitamin, niacin, and riboflavin. The flavor profile of a Jackfruit can be compared to a mango, papaya or pineapple, but in the kitchen the possibilities are endless.