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Spring has officially begun and with it our produce shelves are filling up with the season's harvest. We are particularly excited to be carrying Fiddlehead Ferns. When cooked, these crunchy spring treats are woodsy in flavor and surprisingly juicy. When foraging for these seasonal delicacies, it is important to know the varieties in your area as not all of them are edible. This season our Produce team is carrying the Lady Fern varietal, typically found in moist deciduous and conifer forests. Lady Fern tend to have shades of red and purple with darker tendrils than their more popular varietal, Ostrich Fern Fiddleheads. With regard to flavor profile, Fiddlehead Ferns can be likened to asparagus or broccoli, however, they must be cooked to be edible. They should be steamed or boiled and then sauteed in butter.

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