Kiwano (Horned) Melon

Organic Kiwano Melons have arrived this week, available in our Produce Department. Here's a brief introduction to these vibrant orange beauties... 

 Time Market, Tucson, Produce

 Time Market, Tucson Produce


This fruit, native to Southern and Central Africa, goes by a few names such as the African Horned Cucumber, Jelly Melon, or a Horned Melon. Their skin is mottled orange and yellow with spiky horns throughout, and its interior contains a rich green, jelly-like texture with edible seeds reminiscent to those of a cucumber. Its flavor is a combination of banana, melon, cucumber, and lime, and when chilled its taste is enhanced. When fully ripe the rind and spikes will be a deep orange and will give slightly under pressure. Horned melon is a great addition to fruit salads, salsas, juices, and cocktails.